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About Us 

Changzhou Luorui Electrical Appliance co., ltd.(Luikar Pump)is subordinate to Jiangsu New Luokai Group,which is located in the beautiful and rich,developed economy suzhou-wuxi-changzhou areas of the Yangtze Delta. We are in the middle location of Shanghai to Ningbo line, so we hold the advantage of the convenient and quick transportation .The sufficient energy and excellent talents provide us a superior condition for our development.

1996 Years

The company was founded

100 +

Specifications of the products


Technical personnel

300 +





The company pays attention to internal management, supplier management and staff training, has established sales, quality information tracking, after-sales service and other more comprehensive user service management system, so that the enterprise has a more perfect quality management system and strong quality assurance ability.

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Production equipment

5 motor stator automatic production lines (including insulating paper forming insertion machine, automatic winding machine, coil embedding machine, coil shaping machine, coil automatic binding machine), 6 semi-automatic motor and water pump assembly lines, motor stator automatic immersion machine, automatic welding equipment, turning center, CNC lathe, etc. Testing and test equipment are: three coordinates measuring instrument, projectors, comprehensive tester for motor stator and rotor balancing instrument, nondestructive flaw detection, water pump, water pump vane balance apparatus.with comprehensive performance test system, intelligent electrical safety integrated test system, salt spray corrosion test box, high and low temperature test chamber, glow wire test chamber (wiring harness and plastic parts used in the detection of high temperature resistance), programmable frequency conversion power supply, etc


Manufacturing capacity

Equipped with water pump, AC and DC motor design and manufacturing, mechanical design and manufacturing and other professional and technical personnel 15, has developed and manufactured 8 categories of more than 100 varieties and specifications of products, with a strong production scale and manufacturing capacity


Design management

At present, the company has established a number of internal computer local area networks. It uses Siemens' NX series 3D software for product design, Sun Yat-sen University's motor optimization design software for motor performance simulation design, and Taiwan Digital China's ETO software for internal ERP management and data management (PDM).


Changzhou Luorui Electrical Appliance co., ltd.

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